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Classic 105 Benefits


Your employees can increase their Net pay & receive Medical Reimbursement Benefits with The Classic 105.


Your company can save employee payroll taxes with the Classic 105.

​​Our advisory experts will explain how each employee will benefit from the Classic 105 "Out of Pocket" medical 

reimbursement plan.

Employees with active medical insurance coverage can recover 75% of paid out  pocket medical expenses such as co-payments, deductible costs, coinsurance and other approved medical expenses. This is not an insurance policy or add-on policy that needs to be purchased.  

In addition, employees may benefit from an increased Net Pay on their paycheck from implementing IRS Tax codes.

It's like giving them a raise without increasing their salary or hourly pay.  

All this with NO OUT of Pocket cost to your company or net cost to the employee.   

Our advisers will explain the entire program so you can get started. 


Your Company saves money ...

Your Employees takes home more money on payday ...

Lower your current healthcare benefit costs ...

All at No Cost to you


 medical cost REIMBURSEMENT  benefit & Tax Savings PLAN 

​      ​​​the Classic 105 

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​​​The Classic 105 begins with saving your company costly employee taxes by reducing your payroll tax contributions for each employees taxable income each payday,  

Your employees will benefit from the reduced pre-tax earnings each payday and in most cases, increase their net pay.  It's like giving each employee a raise.

TFG uses a proprietary Self-Funded Defined Benefits Plan using IRS Tax codes that have been in effect since 1954.    

Your company will benefit with substantial payroll savings that can total thousands of dollars each year.  

​​TFG has been vetted by Ogletree – Deakins, one of the largest Nationwide lawfirms  for the Classic 105 program.

  • Nothing to Purchase!
  • This is Not a Heath Plan or Insurance!
  • No need to change your current  Health Plan!

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​​​​​​​​CEF along with our affiliate, TFG is here to assist you, your business and your employees . 

The Classic 105  benefits both your company and your employee, offering     Tax saving for your 

company, pay increases for employees  and a medical reimbursement plan for or unpaid medical expenses your employees will benefit from with your current medical insurance coverage.

All this at NO COSTS  to you the employer and NO net costs to the employee.  

Schedule a specialist to discuss strategies and options that work best for your company to save money.

The Classic 105 is NOT an insurance policy.