Controlling costs is a key factor in developing a profitable service, production or manufacturing business. In general, two types of product costs impact your company's bottom line -- fixed and variable costs.  

Most owners or officers of a company are always looking for a way to lower fixed and variable costs. There are ways to reduce these costs but unfortunately, terminating or cutting back may not be the best or right way to go. We want to focus on increasing your cash flow and profits, offer better options to your employees that will also benefit them financially instead of costing them money each month and keep your employees working for you. 

Our Expert Advisors are available to explain to you how your company can reduce your employee fixed costs and other cost savings.  

We here at CEF Business Strategies are here to assist you with improving 

your company profits and added employee benefits

Business Strategies


We have experts who are available to illustrate proprietary financial programs that have had great success  increasing cash flow and profits

It's important to make sure your employees know they are important to you


Your employees  can also benefit from the programs we can offer their employer with a variety of savings and other benefits in a proprietary tax savings program. 


We focus on assisting companies with  business strategies to increase profitsl

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​​​​CEF  Business Strategies, LLc 

​​​​CEF  Business Strategies, LLc 

DISCLAIMER: CEF Business Strategies LLc is not an insurance agent, financial advisor or tax law advisor.  All agents and employees of CEF Business Strategies LLC are available to assist in
referring and introducing third party companies to you for a consultation and product information.  All contracting for any service or products will be done between the third party introduced and you.  CEF Business Strategies LLC is not responsible for any financial outcome and makes no promises for designated amounts of savings or extra earnings the employer or employee may expect to receive from each program.

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